About Us

Clariti Health provides technology solutions that solve complex problems for healthcare providers. Our revenue enhancement products help providers and patients by improving upfront pricing transparency, ensuring accurate collections, and confirming the accuracy of payor payments. Our quality management products help providers by gathering patient reported outcomes related to their quality of life, pain, mobility and other information important to providers in improving patient care and treatment results. Related to that we also provide feedback from patients on their patient experience. Both of these solutions support the government initiative of value based care and reimbursement.

Our technology platforms are cloud based, requiring minimal upfront investment and no onsite software or hardware. We follow industry best practices for security and design, and our products can typically be installed in days – not months, and require only a few minutes of client time for introduction. Our primary objective to take the burden of complex problems from our clients and we achieve that objective.

Our experienced team, with a proven background of helping thousands of clients for over 30 years, works closely with our clients to maximize the impact of our solutions. We share your objectives of providing the best possible patient care, maximizing efficiency, being in compliance with ever changing requirements, and being fairly compensated for your work.

Our Values

Empowerment: We empower our clients, their patients, and our employees via technology
Innovation: We creatively challenge the status quo
Outcomes: We focus on results
Integrity: In all that we do
Gratitude: We are thankful for our ability to make a difference

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